Fun with Graphic Design

January 20, 2008
I’ve been a busy bee lately. The new website is almost done and I figured I should have some nice, new marketing pieces to go along with my schnazzy new image. So today, I got cracking on a new business card design and TWO new marketing pieces to promote Plum Tree’s services.

I figure that a new year = good opportunity to kick things up a notch!

I got some inspiration from things I’ve seen online, TV, and overall current trends. But designing for myself has always been a bit more difficult than when I do it for other people. It’s weird, actually…I tend to question myself sooo much more.

So, I guess my hope is that my new venture into the Blogger community will pay off with some new friends who may want to chime in along with the voice in my head. ;^)

And without further ado…here the pics of my new designs….

KID+PORTRAIT+AD Fun with Graphic Design
EVENTS+AD Fun with Graphic Design
And here’s the new business card. What can I say? I was feeling minimalist by this point.

BLUE+BIZ+CARD+PIC Fun with Graphic Design

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