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February 17, 2008

WEB The New Website

I am so very excited about the new website! In truth, it launched earlier this month and it has been such a whirlwind. I’ve been meaning to blog all about my experience in setting up, and now the enjoyment of seeing it to fruition…but it’s working so well that two weeks later, I’m just barely getting here.

Firstly, I’d like to thank my good friend Javier Avellan at Schipul for all of his assistance in maximizing the search engine optimization (SEO) for my site. His suggestions have made all the difference in the world in helping folks out there in web-land find my website in the sea of sites available. I’ve learned so much about SEO and search engine marketing. There were many times that I thought my head would explode, but Javier helped me keep things in perspective, broke down the principles very clearly and steered me in the right direction. Schipul is an incredible company, run by a team of creative and caring people who really have your company’s best interest at heart. Based out of Houston, they assist companies all over the globe to maximize their web presence and marketing strategies. Best of all, they are so confident in what they do, that they will even host you at their free monthly seminars, whether you book their services or not. Who does that?

Schipul does.

So why worry about the optimization of your website, you ask? Well, because it can really make or break your business. Do the wrong thing and you can be harder to find on the web than a needle in a haystack. Something I didn’t know, search engines actually punish you for doing the wrong things and launch your website into deep oblivion so nobody even knows you exist. Likewise, do the right thing and they LUV you…putting you at the coveted spots towards the top of the page on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Paying your way is just not enough anymore, and let’s face it; we don’t all have the deep pockets that the bigger companies have.

One of the coolest examples of SEO is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Did you know that if you search the words “click here” on Google the very first thing that pops up is the Adobe Reader Download page? To the unknowing (like I was) this may seem insignificant, but the reason this happens is that just about everyone who has a link to Adobe on their page also has those two words linked to the download site. Often times the link and the words are one in the same. And poof, just like that, two little words now have a very direct path to the number one information exchange software around. That’s a pretty good formula for success. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try for yourself and marvel at the results! If you have a business with web presence it behooves you to learn more about SEO and SEM. I am so very glad I did.

Next, I have to give a shout out to my friend Jen Martino at Portfiliositez. Jen is one half of a very creative duo that launched an innovative web design service for photographers and artists last year. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent searching for a company that could provide the tools to build the website that I envisioned WITHOUT costing me my arm and leg, and head and torso! I was so close to booking bludomain, but after researching and seeing the horrible reviews about customer service (they basically take your money and drop you like a hot potato) I was wise enough to skip on their deal. Thankfully, it was right around the time when I wanted to give up that I found Jen and Jamie. They really were a God send. Not only do they have some of the most creative layouts out there, but their customer service is bar none some of the very best I’ve come across. I’ve really put Jen to the test, what with all of my requests to maximize SEO for my site and all. I’ve gotten responses to my questions in the middle of the night sometimes. Even when it really wasn’t her job to help me, Jen went out of her way to do so.

I love these girls and thank them heartily for providing a hugely needed service at an affordable price and with OUSTANDING service. There really is no one else out there who offers what they do. THANK YOU!

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