Okay, I’ll admit it: at first glance it is a bit misleading.

I do not, nor ever will have a traditional portrait studio. So why choose such a name for my company?

It’s more about my approach and my style of photography rather than the setting. I value natural light and genuine expression above all else. So, you’ll never catch me doing the “traditional” style portrait session.

Did you know that in the olden days photography was so expensive, and such a privilege reserved for upper classes, that when posing for portraits the subject was instructed to render their most “serious” and “respectful” expression? No wonder my grandma looks like she’s at a funeral in her wedding portrait! Really, look at old photos, I mean the ones from 1930 and before, and you’ll see that everyone’s got their poker face on.

Anyway, back to the answer for the burning question…

I consider the World to be my studio. Nature, cityscapes, your sofa…this is my studio. I do have nice backdrops for more formal purposes, and if you catch me using them, it’s usually in an outdoor setting. Natural light is just so much nicer for your beautiful mug!

And then, there’s the “Plum Tree” part…there’s a

whole other blog devoted to this one!

Happy Reading! :)

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