I’m inspired. I knew from the start that Carson Kressley’s new show was something special. Although, reality T.V. has never really been a very big interest of mine. For one thing, I barely have time to watch television and secondly…well, I’m pretty good at making my own daily drama. ;)

But “How to Look Good Naked” seems particularly great at staying above the usual, negative nuances of the typical reality show. True, there’s plenty of blubbering…and I’ve got my box of Kleenex ready to go as a standard necessity. I am a girl, after all.

What I love most about this show is that everyone is a winner. From the older, to the not so thin, to the “what the heck is she thinking—there’s nothing wrong with her”, every woman is beautiful. And that’s a reality.

As a woman, I completely understand how easy it is to focus on the negative and find a million things to fret over when it comes to our bodies. As a photographer and an artist, I can also see the beauty in a great many things. Being able to apply it to myself, though, is still quite challenging and I can’t help but wonder: would I get naked?

Ultimately………….I think so. I’d probably need my own Carson, though. Someone I’d trust to understand my hang ups and who is able to help me overcome the normal insecurity that comes from being that exposed. Clothes aren’t just a way to cover our naked bodies. Sometimes they’re also a shield for our psychological vulnerabilities. Realizing that is part of the responsibility of being a good photographer.

When I win this type of job, I feel honored. I say win because I realize that there are a slew of great photographers out there and this is a lot of trust to be given to anyone. I also feel elated because the prospect of helping someone discover just how special and unique they are is simply thrilling. And then, achieving it, seeing the joy in their eyes, and the belief that, yes “I am beautiful”, is life affirming. Few things in this world as validating.

Likewise, there are the women who truly own their beauty. They don’t need showing, they know. Not in the cocky, yeah – I’m all that – kind of way. They are the inspiring, “I could learn a thing or two from this girl”, type of person. This is a gift in itself.

I wish more women would open themselves up to this type of experience. And I can’t wait for season 2. Carson, you’re a genius!

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  1. alwaysrobin says:

    you obviuosly watched too much tv in miami! :)

    but, HELLZ YEAH, i’d get naked. but then again, i am that type of girl you were talking about in the blog. jajajajajajaja!