Lela was thinking to herself that it had been ten years since she had portraits taken.

Ten. Whole. Years.

A lot can happen in that kind of time. And it had. So Lela set on a quest to find a photographer to capture not just her portrait, but the new Lela that had blossomed throughout all of that time.

We met at my house on a lovely Saturday morning, just a few weeks ago. And we hit it off immediately. Her warm personality, the excitement that I saw brewing in her amazing blue eyes as we talked about the kind of photos she would like, her story, everything about her just left me feeling like we had a great connection. We exchanged a little background, and learned some fun stuff along the way. Like the fact that she’s the only woman in her workplace — and for that matter, the only one I know that works in the field for an oil and gas company. She’s even got the pink hard-hat to prove it! Though she forgot to bring it on the day of the shoot! —it was the missing accessory to the pink dress! ;)

Lela’s story is a little like that of a diamond. The last ten years for her, were about overcoming a rough stage of life. And she has emerged, just shining through with admirable glimmer and increased self-worth. I was so honored that she chose me to capture her beautiful spirit.

Here’s a sneak peak of our session. I had so much fun that one hour turned into three! To date, it has been one of my most favorite shoots…from the adventure in parallel parking her Tuareg, to the crazy questions from the nearby Gun Show visitors, to the fantastic time we spent chatting it up and exchanging childhood memories, I just had a blast!

And I have to say, that for somebody who hasn’t been in front of a camera for such a long time, you did great! Anytime you want to catch a concert, or share pointers on that awesome money tree, you just let me know!

8 Lela: Portrait Photography

7 Lela: Portrait Photography

6 Lela: Portrait Photography
5 Lela: Portrait Photography
4 Lela: Portrait Photography
3 Lela: Portrait Photography
2 Lela: Portrait Photography

Shine away Lela: SLIDESHOW

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