I met Josie and Justin last year when I did their wedding photography. Simply put, one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. Full of life and enthusiasm, they share a love for each other that’s practically tactile. When I heard this year that they were expecting their first baby, Emily, I was just over the moon.

Josie and Emily entered last month’s contest and won a portrait session with me. So we went down to my favorite park Discovery Green last week and had a good ol’ time. There was so much going on around us that little Emily found it hard not to be distracted. From the skaters on the ice rink, to the gigantic Christmas ornaments overhead, to the myriad of colors and sounds, it was sensory overload. But in good way. As I watched baby Emily experience everything with such wonder and fascination, I realized that in her four little months on this earth she probably hadn’t had that much excitement all at once. And through her eyes many things looked new to me as well. That’s just the magic of children.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to finally meet Emily and catch up with Josie on the novelties of the past year. So much has happened in all of our lives. Once again I found myself in awe of the swiftness of time. The only thing missing was dad Justin, who’s in Iraq. Thankfully, he’ll be home this Christmas. And I look forward to seeing him too in the near future. :)

Justin, I hope you like this show. Your girls are so beautiful and such a joy. I’m so happy that technology can make it possible to cross the globe to share this day with you. Josie, thank you once again for being a delight to work with. And Emily, you are a wonderful sport. It’s like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far, right!

Enjoy your SLIDESHOW!

Blog+5 Josie & Emily: Family Portrait Photography

Blog+4 Josie & Emily: Family Portrait Photography

Blog+3 Josie & Emily: Family Portrait Photography
Blog+2 Josie & Emily: Family Portrait Photography
Blog+1 Josie & Emily: Family Portrait Photography

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  1. plumtreestudios says:

    You are too sweet. :)
    Thank you!

  2. Josie says:

    Patricia you are an amazing artist, your photos continue to leave me just speechless. Saying thank you isn't even enough for capturing these Mom & Daughter photos for me, I appreciate it beyond words!