I had the great pleasure of meeting Angela at the beginning of this year. With her birthday on the horizon, Angela decided to embark on the unfamiliar journey of commissioning a personal photographer. Her birthday gift to herself (a concept I completely endorse, of course) would be a tailor-made set of photographs.

We should all give ourselves a b-day gift every year! In fact, I even wrap my own for the sake of thoroughness. But I digress.

To my great delight Angela found me with a search on Google and we soon sat down to chat about her photo session and learn more about each other. Her warm personality quickly captured my admiration and in this quiet and gentle person I saw a glimmer of excitement that immediately infected me as well. Oh, the possibilities!

When the day came we had our lifestyle session on location in Downtown Houston. Whatever nerves she had, she soon overcame and I witnessed something very special: I got to see the real Angela. No longer shy and quiet, she laughed freely at my dumb jokes, posed like a super model and just came out of her shell entirely.

Today, she sent me an amazing note of thanks. Her words touched my heart and continue to inspire me. Once again I am praising all of the goodness in the world for making our meeting possible – Google gods included ;). Angela, you are the one who deserves the thanks. You took a leap and you flew. I am honored to have been a part of this experience.

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