I had the great pleasure of photographing this little bundle of joy earlier this year. Ana Sofia is Valentina’s sister, who, coincidentally, has been featured on this year’s holiday cards for Plum Tree. You may remember this family from our multiple posts documenting their lives – a journey that began almost five years ago when I shot the wedding.

This session was actually a three-part shoot, capturing the arrival of this new family member, collecting some holiday family photos, and eventually a mini session for Valentina. I just can’t help it when it comes to this child – my camera adores her…but more about her will follow in another post.

So to start off this three part post, here are the photos of Ana Sofia. She has already captured my heart, and if history repeats itself (and I’m certain it will), she will be a camera magnet just like her big sister.

I put together this collage of my favorite images. And then I got to playing around with ideas for a big wall display in a nursery.

Newbown Photo Collage Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

A little modern…

Newborn Wall Display 2 Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

A little more traditional…

Newborn Wall Display Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

I just love decorating around the house…since I don’t have kids, this was a fun, virtual project!

Here she is out like a light in daddy’s arms…

Dad and baby Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

And playing with mommy…

Mom and baby Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

Big sis Valentina loves baby too!

Big sis and baby Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

Congrats to the Ayala’s for their beautiful, growing family!!

Family and baby Ana Sofia • Newborn Session

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