I met with a couple recently whose wedding venue requires all vendors working the event to provide insurance coverage. This sounds a bit confusing to most couples, actually most people in general. So I was not surprised by this question.


The truth is that any professional photographer or business owner (wedding or otherwise) should cover their business with the proper insurance. In this case, what the wedding venue is asking for is General Liability Insurance. But why?


Well, let’s say that I trip over my camera bag and break my leg while working. The venue wants to know that I would be covered through the proper insurance. Likewise, let’s say I accidentally brush a table, tipping over a glass of red wine damaging your beautiful and expensive wedding dress. Should the venue be responsible because it happened on their premises? No. What if I break a rare and expensive, antique piece of furniture? Insurance is there to protect all parties involved. The venue is assured that I will be able to replace anything I’ve damaged, including myself. ;)

Any reputable, professional photographer will have this type of coverage. It really only takes a call to my agent to have the proper documents drawn up reflecting additional coverage for the venue under my policy for the day of your event. This should bear no burden on you as a client and remains the responsibility of the vendor and the venue to coordinate the arrangements. In other words, you shouldn’t have to sweat it. What you want to do is know what questions to ask your potential vendors before you render any payments. Because you would not want to book a vendor that is not properly insured only to find out they can’t meet the requirements of your venue, or your own preferences, for that matter.

For additional protection of your wedding investment, you may want to consider Wedding Insurance, though this is something different from what we’re discussing in this post.


To further answer our groom’s question, I need insurance to safeguard valuable equipment, loss of payment, as well as Errors and Omissions. That last one is the humdinger. Let’s say for instance, that something bad happens and an error leads to lost photos, or that an Act of God impedes me from reaching your event on the big day. Horrible thoughts as they may be, good and proper insurance coverage is the key to peace of mind.


I’ve always offered a money back guarantee to all my couples. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it, but if I did, and I didn’t have the proper insurance to supply my guarantee, what would happen then? I don’t believe in broken promises. I do believe in the value of keeping my word and providing what I offer, if not more. Insurance is an important element that, among other things, helps me sleep at night with happy wedding thoughts.

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