Laughter. That’s what I heard as I approached the bride’s room at Ashton Gardens. Sure enough, Elizabeth was surrounded by many giggly girls and women eagerly awaiting the nuptials. A little ways down through another corridor, James sat with his friends, a slight look of nerves on his kind face. So much emotion in one, single place. This is why I love weddings.
Elizabeth looked simply stunning – a real life princess. James had a special boutonniere made – a reflection of his nerdy inclinations. A fellow nerd myself, I was completely enraptured by the cleverness of this special touch.
It was a beautiful wedding and there are many, many great photos to share. While those go through the final touches of editing, here’s a couple to tide y’all over.  ;) Thanks for a great wedding!


Houston Wedding Photographers Ashton Gardens Wedding Sneak Peek   Elizabeth & James
Ashton Gardens Wedding Wedding Sneak Peek   Elizabeth & James

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