Herman Park Day-After Session: Bill & Sarah

January 15th, 2013

I think it was late November when I got a call from Bill. We hit it off from the start as he told me of his plans to surprise his beautiful wife, Sarah, for their up-coming 5-year anniversary.

His gift? A Day-After Session.

The Challenge? Neither Bill nor Sarah were familiar with Houston because they live in Ohio! Oh, and no pressure…Sarah didn’t like their wedding photos as much as she would have liked. My heart broke a little and my stomach sank with that news. I was officially on a mission!

Truth be told, Bill had me at surprise. But I just knew I was in for for something extra special when his mom, Ann, got in touch with me to plan details for the shoot. You see, Bill & Sarah were coming to visit family in Houston for the holidays and it was during this trip that Bill wanted to surprise his wife. So over the next few weeks I exchanged calls and emails with Ann (to keep things on the super down-low) and learned so many cool things about them both. For instance, Bill works with volleyball players, and impressively his namesake is Bilbo Baggins from Lord of The Rings. True Story!


My inner nerd could hardly contain itself when I heard that little tidbit. Yessireebob! I can honestly say I’m Bilbo Baggins’ photographer. Well, sorta.

Sarah, on the other hand, is a badass surgeon-mom of two, who also runs marathons. Could these two get any cooler? Yep. And they did too!

I haven’t been so giddy and nervous to do a shoot in a little while. What with all the pressure of hitting a home-run for their anniversary! And when I met them at Herman Park on that very cold, second to last day of December, my belly was all a-flutter with anticipation. Boy howdy! The day did not disappoint! I’m so happy to share this sneak of their session. Cause y’all gave me a SUPER home-run!

How gorgeous are these two, eh?


Given some of the background info on their wedding photography, one of the things I wanted to do was recreate a First Look with these two. They did soooo good! There was no faking here. Check out that glimmer of luve (yeah with a U) on Bill’s face. Could only be rivaled by Sarah’s mischievous grin, am I right?



We had a little fun with a tiny-running competition. Sarah highly impressed me and park visitors alike running full-sprint in that gown and heels! I can’t even remember who won. ;)



The sun’s position gave us some amazing light and I could not have asked the cloud gods for a more beautiful






We stopped by the fountains for a bit and caught these fun shots too:



There are so many beautiful photographs from this day. But if I HAD to pick my favorite, it would be this set of four below. The drama of this light is just so beautiful to me.



And so we’ll end with this one for now. Thank you guys so much for giving me an amazing shoot! I hope you love these photos as much as I do.


To see the full gallery, please visit: Sarah & Bill • Day-After Session


September 17th, 2013

For Savera and Ryan. Just a little sneak from our engagement session to tide you over :). We loved shooting with you guys!


Discovery Green Engagement Session 1 SR2013

Agave Real Wedding Photography – Michelle & Kirby

March 3rd, 2013

Michelle and Kirby had an amazing wedding at the beautiful Agave Real – sister venue to Agave Road. If you’re not familiar with Agave Estates, their beauty, and all of the services they offer, I urge you to get acquainted. In my book, they are one of the best venues in the surrounding Houston area to host a wedding. Here’s a photo of Agave Real shot at nighttime on this wedding day:


Agave Real Wedding Photographers MK1


I love the stucco walls with their vibrant color, their lighting throughout the grounds and their gorgeous landscapes. Day or night, I never tire of shooting here because it’s always breathtakingly beautiful.


On this wedding day the ceremony was set to be outdoors, but the weather was iffy, wavering and uncooperative – typical of a February in Houston. And this is another reason that I love this venue: the staff is always on point. They moved everything indoors without a hitch and it was just as beautiful, but now I’m getting ahead of myself!


This shot was taken by Kevin who tagged along to shadow me for the day. Thanks Kevin!!

Agave Real Wedding Photographers MK2


As usual, there are many stories to tell from wedding day. So much so that my head swims with all the things I want to tell you! How about we just start at the beginning?


Here’s Mr. Groom, Kirby getting ready. I’ve met some sweet grooms over these many years and Kirby is no exception. He is quiet, though he likes to laugh and often sports a smile on his kind face. He also happens to have a super phobia of speaking in public and being in front of large crowds. Needless to say, he was a little extra nervous when he realized that a wedding ceremony requires both. Yet he persevered!! Just goes to show you what love can do!


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Getting Ready Groom MK1


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Groomsman Shoes MK1


While the boys did their thing at the groom’s quarters, the girls were busy getting the bride ready as well. Michelle picked the most beautiful gown! She looked simply stunning and I loved both the rushing and small details that added the perfect touch to her dress. I caught a moment as her mom peaked into the room. There’s nothing like the love on a mom’s face when she looks at her daughter preparing to walk down the isle.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Bride Getting Ready MK1


Maid of Honor  gave Michelle a little sugar as the dress came on:


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Getting Ready MK1


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Bride Getting Ready MK2



Agave Real Wedding Photographers Bride Getting Ready MK4


I loved that Michelle picked dressy sandals to go with her gown. Stylish, yet comfortable make for a happy bride!


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Bride Sandals MK1


One super special thing about this wedding was that Michelle’s sons gave her away, and the emotion was thick throughout the room as the boys walked mom down the isle. Michelle, above all, was absolutely beaming! I was so thankful at this time for having moved indoors because the lighting added so much to this moment. Indoors or out, a wedding ceremony is nothing but beautiful at Agave Real.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Ceremony MK1


Here is her little one handing her off.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Indoor Ceremony MK1


Happy tears abound during the ceremony while the bride and groom get sung to. I wish so much that I could remember the singer’s name. She sang absolutely beautifully.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Indoor Ceremony MK3


I often struggle with the following shot because I feel compelled to pray along with everyone to bless the union of my couples. Between bowed heads and whispered prayers I sometimes manage a shot.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Indoor Ceremony MK4


After ceremony, we reconvened to listen to the toasts. When I asked Michelle & Kirby at our first meeting about what their favorite date was, they both said in unison that it was a family day at Kemah. With this knowledge, I became aware (long before this day) how important their family & friends where to them. And the day didn’t disappoint. There was so much laughter, love, tears, and goodness in the room!


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Wedding Toast MK1


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Wedding Toast MK2


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Wedding Toast MK3


First dances are also my favorite. I wish more people would stand around the couple as they dance because I love to see what their faces say. Sometimes they have cameras too, which is fun. And sometimes they are having their own little moments in the background. I really loved the echo of kisses in this photo.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers First Dance MK1


Agave Real Wedding Photographers First Dance MK2


Before Michelle & Kirby cut the wedding cakes I caught some photos of their rings (surprise, right? Like you didn’t know I like ring shots!). I have to say that the folks over at Edible Designs by Jessie are so ridiculously talented! Not only do their cakes taste divine, they also look so very beautiful – and they can make just about anything. I’m always blown away with what they come up with.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Cakes by Jesse MK1


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Cakes by Jesse MK2


I have to thank my awesome Light Man (or Minion as we sometimes jokingly call him), Jordan for helping me get these shots.


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Cakes by Jesse MK3


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Grooms Cakes by Jesse MK1


He was also essential in getting this portrait done. And yes, Little Man on the right really is that joyous! No prompting required!


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Bride & Groom Portrait MK1


Lest we forget this was a party after all, here are a few of my favorite photos on the dance floor:


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Dance Floor MK1


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Dance Floor MK3


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Dance Floor MK2


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Garter Toss MK1


As the night drew to a close, I stole Kirby and Michelle separately to do a portrait of each. Since the rain threw our previous plans out of order, I wanted to be sure to get these photos for them. Kirby is relaxing during a cigarette break (I’m a fan of multi-tasking). ;)


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Grooms Portrait MK1


And so we’ll end this post with our beautiful bride Michelle. Thank you for having us with you! I cannot wait to show you the full set of photos!! Stay tuned for the link to the complete gallery!


Agave Real Wedding Photographers Bride Portrait MK1


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Houston Newborn Photography • Baby Palmer

February 14th, 2013

On this day of love, I’m so excited to share a tidbit from a recent session with Baby Palmer. Love comes in so many forms, but quite possibly none more powerful than that of a mother’s love. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Baby Palmer because, as it turns out, he makes some of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen a newborn make. Well, to be honest, we started this session close to the end of his first birth month…so we probably just made the newborn cut-off. Either way, Palmer’s many faces were a delight. He is as delicious as any baby I’ve had the pleasure to capture from this side of the lens. Thanks to mommy Laura for being so helpful during our session! I loved working with you all! Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO


Palmer Newborn Houston Baby Photographers


Palmer Newborn Houston Baby Photographers PJC1


Palmer Newborn Houston Baby Photographers PJC2


Courtyard on St. James Houston Wedding Photography: Sneak Peek Brittany & Devin

January 31st, 2013

The first time I sat down with Brittany (or B-Ball as I secretly & affectionately think of her in my mind) to talk about her wedding, she told me of her vision: an elegant yet laid back affair trimmed with a red palette that included crimson-stained lips to accompany her long, dark and beautiful tresses. I envisioned her as stunning as Snow White and I have to say, my imagination was pretty spot on:


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James BD2


I learned that day how much family and friends mean to her and Devin…and I crossed my fingers that she would pick me to be the teller of this story through photographs worthy of that love. And to top it off, she also got giddy about a certain “zombie themed” engagement session that had me holding the edge of my chair for fear of jumping off my seat with utter excitement.

There are many stories to tell from this wedding day. But for now, I’ll share a few favorites as the rest of the edit comes to completion. Here are a small selection of the happy day:

Starting us off is our gorgeous bride. I love how much her laughter lights up a room. What a an amazing smile she has!


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James Dance Floor BD4


That laughter was infectious…and while Brittany dressed behind the room divider, her bridesmaids had a great & silly time:


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James Fun Bridesmaid1


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James Fun Bridesmaid2


On the reveal, of course, things got a little more dramatic…because our bride truly is a vision:


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James BD3


Outside, the boys granted Devin his wish…send a secret message to his bride. Perhaps the first, last, & only time he’ll get to be right?


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James BD1


And as the night progressed, the party was a lively as the rest of the day. Group hug!


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James Dance Floor BD1


For a portrait, Brittany had asked me to take a long exposure with sparklers. I must thank them both and my awesome lighting assistant, Jordan. It was brrrrrrr cold out on this night and it was no easy feat to stand so very still. Purple lips and shivering bodies are definitely worth the magic of Snow White’s kiss.


Houston Wedding Photographers Couryard St James Sparklers BD1


More photos and more stories from Brittany & Devin’s big day are coming soon!

Houston Newborn Photography: Baby Connor

January 30th, 2013

I just love when clients call/email/Facebook or otherwise contact me to say: “we’re expecting!” For me it is such an honor to become part of a family’s heritage with the photographs I create on wedding day. Getting the opportunity to do it again with their babies brings me tremendous joy and feels like a huge gift.

I remember Diana & James’ wedding like it was yesterday. So it’s super hard to believe it’s been over two years! Getting to see their sweet, smiling faces again and meet Baby Connor was such a treat. He is the most scrumptious little thing I’ve laid my eyes on recently. With plump round cheeks just begging for a pinch (yes, I’m that Aunt Trish), and these pursed little lips that threaten to blow a kiss at any moment. And his hair! He has the fullest head of hair I’ve ever seen on a little one! He’s simply BEAUTIFUL. Just see for yourself with a few faves from our session:


Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL3

Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL4

Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL5


Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL2


    Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL6


Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL7


Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL8


Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL9


Houston Family & Newborn Photographers CL10


Holiday Mini Sessions 2012 – Houston Family Photographer

October 25th, 2012

It’s that time of year! For the first time EVER Plum Tree Studios will be offering holiday mini sessions! I will be shooting for just ONE day, for a total of 12 sessions on 11/18/2012. These spots will be booked on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay! They are sure to fill up quick!


DETAILS: $150 session fee includes a family portrait as well as individual portraits of all kids (young, old-er, and furry alike!). Up to 5 people total – $25 for each additional person (Fido included) photographed over a session lasting 20 minutes. Also included are your pick of 10 high resolution, digitally mastered files with print rights delivered via cloud. Additional ordering options will be available through an online gallery where all photos from the shoots will be posted. A special 20% DISCOUNT on all print orders will be offered to all mini sessions!

All images from all sessions will be posted on their respective galleries by Wednesday, November 21st. Just in time for Thanks & Gobbles! Digital downloads will be made available immediately after client selection of their 10 favorites.


LOCATION: Unless otherwise noted, the sessions will take place at Sam Houston Park Downtown: 1100 Bagby Street Houston, TX 77002. Parking is available in the lot located behind the white brick Kellum-Noble House. The parking lot is located just off Allen Parkway inbound.


DRESS: You’re encouraged to wear what you like. These sessions are not tied specifically to a holiday theme – despite the name ;). When picking a wardrobe,  keep in mind that the shoot will be outdoors in a natural space. Layers and accessories (thinks hats, scarves, a light sweater/ jacket, etc.) are a great way to vary your look without sacrificing changing time. Unfortunately, due to the nature of a mini session there’s just no time for complete outfit changes. More guidance and details will be provided after booking your spot.


AVAILABILITY: Sunday, November 18th 2012

10:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:00 am, 11:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm

1:30 pm, 2:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm

To book your session, please email patricia @ plumtreestudios. com or call 713.874.4096

LIKE our Facebook Page and enter to win a free holiday mini session for yourself or a friend! Just Like our page and leave a comment on the wall telling us why you’d like to win!




Protected: For Carole

August 27th, 2012

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Houston Family Photographers • Baby Benjamin

May 10th, 2012

I met Zoe at a a recent wedding vendor related function. You may better know her as The Cookie Girl! Her delectable cookies have graced many special occasions in the Houston area and she specializes in making custom confections for all kinds of celebrations. I look forward to featuring some fun items here on the blog very soon showcasing a fun idea for wedding favors. Zoe is a total sweetheart and she’s quickly becoming a great friend. I was over the moon to do this shoot with her and her beautiful family.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, here are some of my very favorites. Benjamin is going to melt some hearts with those baby blues!











Groomsmen Portrait: A Photo That Went Viral

February 14th, 2012

Who knew that a wedding shot captured over a year ago would today be making very quick rounds over the world-wide web. Thanks to sites like Pinterest and 9Gag, as of yesterday I have gained new insight into the term “going viral.”
So what’s up with this picture?


Alotta people seem to be wondering what’s going on here. As tempting as it is to leave it open to interpretation, I’ll oblige.
Girls, you know.

How many times have you been showing off that ring? Well…for the boys things go a little differently.
Picture the groom waiting for his pals to come  do the portrait shot post-ceremony. Groom stops to reflect on what just happened and looks down at his shiny-new wedding ring. Enter groomsmen who catch him in the act of reflection. In true guy fashion the joshing begins. Click! There goes my shutter.
Yessiree bob, these guys are genuinely this silly and I was absofreakinlutely lucky to catch all the goings-on that day. From the lost sock at the altar during the ceremony (forreals), to the guys poking fun at a very proud Mr. Groom looking at his ring. Here’s to all the whimsy and fun of wedding day. All days should be this happy.
Happy Valentine’s Everybody!