She Said Yes • A Guide for Engagement Session Photos

November 2nd, 2011

So you’re engaged! It’s likely that you’re now thinking of an Engagement Session to announce this coming milestone in your lives. Many couples come to me with lots of questions about what to expect during a session. The short answer is that it should be fun, relaxed and a reflection of who you are and what the two of you mean to each other. Other than that, the details are pretty simple and covered well in this great post today on eleGala.

The Six Ws of Your Engagement Photos

As always, I welcome comments and suggestions about sessions and all things wedding and photo related. If you’ve recently had a session or have one coming up, please feel free to share your thoughts/questions in the comments. Happy Wedding!



Ana & Eric • Fort Worth E-Session at Japanese Gardens

August 23rd, 2011

I met Ana and Eric last year when Ana’s sis, Tina got married to Nick. As usual, I’ve been horrid about blogging, and so photos of that wedding have yet to make it on the blog. Not for lack of interest, because I loooove working with these families and as a result have photographed their friends and other occasions in the past year and a half. I just suck at blogging…it’s no secret. But I digress.


So far, the theme that seems to permeate around them all is travel. And I’ve enjoyed shooting in many different places with them, including locations in Portland, Houston, Tomball, Magnolia, and most recently, Fort Worth with Ana and Eric. When Ana emailed me about her engagement, I was over the moon and incredibly honored to be amongst the very first vendors her and Eric were booking for the big day.


Last year at Tina & Nick’s wedding, my wedding bee sense told me there was something special about these two. And sure enough, just a few months later, Eric asked the big question that reunited us all again.


When we talked about doing an E-session and brainstormed for locations, Ana told me about the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth as well as Forest Park and the Trinity River – spots at which they have shared dates, picnics, and where they have collected memories with a lot of meaning. Some of my favorite shots follow below.


Thanks for a great shoot you guys! I loved getting to play around and hang at these beautiful locations. I cannot wait to see you again on wedding day!







Olympic Peninsula Wedding • Sneak Peek

August 4th, 2011

Did somebody say Washington? Lord knows I love that place. And this summer I had the incredible pleasure of photographing one of my most favorite couples at the Lake Crescent Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula. Few places on this Earth compare to the Majesty of the Pacific Northwest, so photographing a wedding here is a true gift.


Katie and Travis said their vows on a somewhat chilly summer day overlooking a most beautiful scene. What follows is a quick little teaser of some favorites. The full gallery will be posting soon.









Wedding Sneak Peek • Alyssa & Frank

July 30th, 2011

I think this is only the second time in almost 6 years that I’ve gotten to shoot a wedding for high school sweethearts. Alyssa and Frank met several years ago in school and have shared a love that has spanned through many changes, including out of state moves, college years, the start of new careers and transitions into grown-up life.
At the reception Alyssa’s mom, Cindy, recalled the day her daughter said she would one day marry Frank. And now, several years later that dream has come true.
Alyssa and Frank’s wedding took place this summer at the Tallowood Baptist Church, followed by a beautiful reception at the Omni Riverway. I shot with Alex, my trusted associate photog and had a total blast – as always. Here are a few shots to tide our excited families over while the final edits are made this weekend. I can’t wait to show you all the rest of the photos!! Thank you for all of your patience and for entrusting us with such a special day!
By Alex:



By Alex:





Wedding Sneak Peek • Megan & Jamie

July 9th, 2011

Megan and Jaime had a stylish wedding in the River Oaks area at the contemporary Tiny Boxwoods Cafe by Thompson & Hanson. It was a small affair on a crisp summer day to fit Megan’s easy spirit and impeccably classic taste. Here’s a quick sneak!





Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate

April 29th, 2011

I met Kate last fall when her good friends Tina & Nick got married. She was a bridesmaid along with Tina’s sister (Ana) and their other good friend, Rose. I had such a blast with these girls and fell in love with their super-sweet-and-fun personalities. So when Kate asked about doing a shoot with her pal, Fury, It was just a no-brainer!


Fury is Kate’s French stallion. A magnificent horse from impeccable lineage and winner of many-a-title in competitions with Kate. They’ve teamed up over the years and have formed a super strong bond. Kate is about to graduate law school and move to sunny California, and while Fury will be moving along with her, they won’t be competing anymore. Fury is actually retiring and looking forward to chilling like the Happy Cows. Before he does, we just had to get some photos done!


When we sat down to chat about this shoot, Kate told me all about what a great horse Fury is and how his copper coat seems to just catch fire with color in the setting sun. Naturally, after hearing all this I could not wait to meet him, and more importantly, nab some great shots of these two friends.


Here are a few favorites from the day. There were so many, I almost became a nail biter trying to pick!








Yep. That’s him in her lap. Humorous, yet sweet all in one. ;)



This is him “talking” -  okay, in equine terms it’s called whinnying. I learned a lot about horses that day!


Fury was a little distracted and antsy at times…but you would not know it looking at this photo. His spidey sense was impeccable  – not one fidget while Kate rested on his back.


Fury’s thing is hoofing the ground. And blowing his nose indiscriminately, which I learned back in the stables. Thank goodness for towels! Mike Rowe, I want you to know that I’m officially Dirty Jobs worthy!



Fiery-Copper. That’s what I call this color. What a stunning coat!


In this shot Kate has a giggle dancing around the corners of her mouth, but it wasn’t because of Fury. We had a quick cameo on the set by the playful Ezra, Kate’s pug. It seems he’d had enough of playing second fiddle and insisted in parking his rear in front of my lens as I kept trying to get a ground-level shot of Fury and Kate.

And so, we’ll leave this post with Ezra’s happy mug. Ain’t he a cutie-pie!?!

Houston Newborn Photographer • Baby Everette

April 4th, 2011

On Everette’s twelfth day of life, we spent the afternoon getting cozy with the camera. His big sis, Alyssa, was along for the ride and helped me get some great shots of baby Everette. Here are some favorites of the day:




Everette was wide-eyed and bushy tailed for most of the session, so we had to wait around for him to fall asleep in our basket. Mom helped coax baby back to sleep and we caught these shots:




But, Whoa Nelly! He was back up and at ‘em in no time! ;)




Baby Everette was super happy taking turns in the arms of both mommie and daddy:





Thanks to everyone for a fun session. It’s always a pleasure to catch such great family moments!




Wedding Sneak Peek – Elizabeth & James

March 31st, 2011

Laughter. That’s what I heard as I approached the bride’s room at Ashton Gardens. Sure enough, Elizabeth was surrounded by many giggly girls and women eagerly awaiting the nuptials. A little ways down through another corridor, James sat with his friends, a slight look of nerves on his kind face. So much emotion in one, single place. This is why I love weddings.
Elizabeth looked simply stunning – a real life princess. James had a special boutonniere made – a reflection of his nerdy inclinations. A fellow nerd myself, I was completely enraptured by the cleverness of this special touch.
It was a beautiful wedding and there are many, many great photos to share. While those go through the final touches of editing, here’s a couple to tide y’all over.  ;) Thanks for a great wedding!





IdoSave Promo

March 29th, 2011

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Wedding vendors feature a great deal every week and this week it’s our turn! Check out IdoSave to sign up and cash in on weekly savings!


Photowrap Flush Mount Album – Diana & James

March 24th, 2011

Ok, so I’ve been flaunting images of this wedding in several places recently…on Facebook, on other marketing pieces around the web, and maybe even on my Twitter page – I lose track. But I have yet to post the full wedding on the blog…and the albums came several, several days ago. I was sooo excited when they came because I truly love how colorful, modern and just-right this wedding turned out. The albums were no disappointment. In fact, I’m ordering one for me this week because the studio just feels a little lost without it ever since I turned it over to Diana & James. ;)

So, without further ado (I need to find another phrase to replace that one, any ideas?)….anyway…here are some close-ups of the album!



I’ll be blogging the wedding photos next week and including some layouts of the inside of the album. I just couldn’t wait to share this!