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Photographing newborns is hard work. The rewards…well, they surpass the challenges exponentially. I guess it’s kind of like childbirth – from what I hear. As soon as you set eyes on your bundle of joy, you forget the aching pains. Not that I’m comparing child labor to photographing a child, exactly. That would just be silly, even as silly as I am. ;)

Most of all, photographing babies is all about patience…and endurance, yes. You must bend in ways you never thought possible, holding the camera just this way to get that one fleeting look. It’s a waiting game, really. Hold your breath…don’t miss it.

But when you get that faint smile, the lazy yawns…that blissful stare of a new and innocent spirit, everything else fades away. There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby. There is a great awe about all of the possibility in the world in just one little soul, untainted and pure. Given all of this, I must confess that photographing Mackenzie could not have been easier. She was such a good little baby…enduring even my craziest of ideas. She sleeps like a log and was content even in my makeshift nest, which turned out to be entirely too small for her. The concept didn’t work, but it is still one of my favorite pictures. I can’t help but smile when I look at it and see little, slumbering Mackenzie hanging on with tight little hands.

There is so much wonder in our world and in our lives. Thank you Mackenzie and mom Miranda for helping me keep that sense of wonder and lightheartedness in my life. It is a privilege that I will never take for granted.

22 Mackenzie: Baby Portrait Photography

21 Mackenzie: Baby Portrait Photography
13 Mackenzie: Baby Portrait Photography
05 Mackenzie: Baby Portrait Photography
03 Mackenzie: Baby Portrait Photography Click for the SLIDESHOW

As I drove my Element back home feeling like I’d just captured one of life’s little miracles, Rob Thomas bellowed “Little Wonders” most appropriately from my speakers. I could not help feeling that the Cosmos had aligned and the stars were shining down on me with all of the graces of the universe. The song, the moment, the experience…everything could not be just coincidence.

I was blessed two years earlier with a wedding that changed my life and gave Plum Tree the boost it had so desperately needed. As I struggled to understand my purpose in this world and the contributions that I yearned to lend to others, I came across Carolina. Sure, I’d photographed several weddings already for friends and family. I had 14 years behind a camera for various purposes, but I could not count any of it as part of my job. In truth, two-and-a-half years later I still cannot call it merely a job, for a love it so. But I digress.

Carolina walked into my friend’s cake shop looking for a cake for her wedding. At the time, I was searching to find myself and spending time assisting my friend in her shop. There I found a lot of cake, a few pounds and a little perspective. :) On this occasion, when Carolina left the shop she had her cake…and a wedding photographer. It was all so serendipitous, so meant to be. With great excitement, I photographed the wedding and kept a very soft spot in my heart for Carolina and Alejandro.

This year, as Plum Tree celebrated with wondrous growth, I remembered my friends and thought to send them a thank you message. After all, I felt so blessed to have been given this gift, this push into the light of what life had (has) in store for me. To my surprise, two years later, her work email address still worked and even better, Carolina and Alejandro were expecting their first child.

The emotion, love, elation…no word I can think of can describe what I’ve felt in being given this once-in-a-lifetime moment (again) in their lives. And so, I am incredibly humbled by this miracle, this “little wonder,” if you will…that is Valentina.

Their newborn daughter:

VA 42 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography I marvel at the love a child holds in their parents’ hearts. Alejandro is so completely in love with his little princess.
VA 43 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography …they both are. It warms my heart.
VA 46 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography Favorite dress…a fashionista already!

VA 5 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography My favorite moment with mom…
VA 14 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography Basking in the Houston heat…yeah…
VA 28 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography
VA 29 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography And my favorite shot of the day…all of the peace in the world can be found here:
VA 31 Little Wonders: Baby & Family Portrait Photography Thank you three, so very VERY much for giving me this piece of your life to share in. I hold it with much love in my heart, for all eternity.

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