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It’s that time of year! For the first time EVER Plum Tree Studios will be offering holiday mini sessions! I will be shooting for just ONE day, for a total of 12 sessions on 11/18/2012. These spots will be booked on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay! They are sure to fill up quick!


DETAILS: $150 session fee includes a family portrait as well as individual portraits of all kids (young, old-er, and furry alike!). Up to 5 people total – $25 for each additional person (Fido included) photographed over a session lasting 20 minutes. Also included are your pick of 10 high resolution, digitally mastered files with print rights delivered via cloud. Additional ordering options will be available through an online gallery where all photos from the shoots will be posted. A special 20% DISCOUNT on all print orders will be offered to all mini sessions!

All images from all sessions will be posted on their respective galleries by Wednesday, November 21st. Just in time for Thanks & Gobbles! Digital downloads will be made available immediately after client selection of their 10 favorites.


LOCATION: Unless otherwise noted, the sessions will take place at Sam Houston Park Downtown: 1100 Bagby Street Houston, TX 77002. Parking is available in the lot located behind the white brick Kellum-Noble House. The parking lot is located just off Allen Parkway inbound.


DRESS: You’re encouraged to wear what you like. These sessions are not tied specifically to a holiday theme – despite the name ;). When picking a wardrobe,  keep in mind that the shoot will be outdoors in a natural space. Layers and accessories (thinks hats, scarves, a light sweater/ jacket, etc.) are a great way to vary your look without sacrificing changing time. Unfortunately, due to the nature of a mini session there’s just no time for complete outfit changes. More guidance and details will be provided after booking your spot.


AVAILABILITY: Sunday, November 18th 2012

10:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:00 am, 11:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm

1:30 pm, 2:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm

To book your session, please email patricia @ plumtreestudios. com or call 713.874.4096

LIKE our Facebook Page and enter to win a free holiday mini session for yourself or a friend! Just Like our page and leave a comment on the wall telling us why you’d like to win!


2012 Mini Sessions Holiday Mini Sessions 2012   Houston Family Photographer



I met Kate last fall when her good friends Tina & Nick got married. She was a bridesmaid along with Tina’s sister (Ana) and their other good friend, Rose. I had such a blast with these girls and fell in love with their super-sweet-and-fun personalities. So when Kate asked about doing a shoot with her pal, Fury, It was just a no-brainer!


Fury is Kate’s French stallion. A magnificent horse from impeccable lineage and winner of many-a-title in competitions with Kate. They’ve teamed up over the years and have formed a super strong bond. Kate is about to graduate law school and move to sunny California, and while Fury will be moving along with her, they won’t be competing anymore. Fury is actually retiring and looking forward to chilling like the Happy Cows. Before he does, we just had to get some photos done!


When we sat down to chat about this shoot, Kate told me all about what a great horse Fury is and how his copper coat seems to just catch fire with color in the setting sun. Naturally, after hearing all this I could not wait to meet him, and more importantly, nab some great shots of these two friends.


Here are a few favorites from the day. There were so many, I almost became a nail biter trying to pick!


Houston Horse Photographers FDLK1 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDL5 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDL2 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDL1 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDLK7 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Model Photographers FKE1 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Yep. That’s him in her lap. Humorous, yet sweet all in one. ;)

Houston Horse Photographers FDLK5 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDLK2 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


This is him “talking” -  okay, in equine terms it’s called whinnying. I learned a lot about horses that day!

Houston Horse Photographers FDLK8 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Fury was a little distracted and antsy at times…but you would not know it looking at this photo. His spidey sense was impeccable  – not one fidget while Kate rested on his back.

Houston Model Photographers FKE2 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDLK3 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate

Fury’s thing is hoofing the ground. And blowing his nose indiscriminately, which I learned back in the stables. Thank goodness for towels! Mike Rowe, I want you to know that I’m officially Dirty Jobs worthy!

Houston Horse Photographers FDL4 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Houston Horse Photographers FDLK4 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


Fiery-Copper. That’s what I call this color. What a stunning coat!

Houston Horse Photographers FDL3 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate


In this shot Kate has a giggle dancing around the corners of her mouth, but it wasn’t because of Fury. We had a quick cameo on the set by the playful Ezra, Kate’s pug. It seems he’d had enough of playing second fiddle and insisted in parking his rear in front of my lens as I kept trying to get a ground-level shot of Fury and Kate.

Houston Horse Photographers FDLK6 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate
And so, we’ll leave this post with Ezra’s happy mug. Ain’t he a cutie-pie!?!
Houston Pet Photographers E1 Houston Lifestyle Photographers • Fury & Kate

Last week I headed up to Austin to photograph the awesome folks from Rockstar Feathers and their model friends. Rockstar Feathers is the start-up creation of Lela and Anja who also happen to own Stacked Productions – a music/band management company.

In the words of Lela and Anja, these “feather extensions help bring out your inner rockstar.” I luuuuved all the looks created for this shoot. From punk rock, to glam and everything in between, these babies are great for accessorizing your look any way you want! Dressed up or down, for the club or the concert, you can’t go wrong with these extensions.

I had a blast working with all of these fun people…and I can’t wait to get my extensions!!! As usual, I got so wrapped up behind the camera that I forgot my own.

Here are my favorite shots from the day:

Plum Tree Studios Commercial Photography Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootRocktar Feathers Photo Shoot Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootRocktar Feathers Photo Shoot by Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootLifestyle Photo Session Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootAustin Portrait Photographer Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

This one is my FAVORITE shot of the whole shoot. Katje and Laura are BFF’s…makes me wish I had a photo of me and my best friends.

Houston Portrait Photographer Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootCommercial Photography Houston Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootCommercial Photographer Houston Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootCommercial Photographer Austin Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Austin Commercial Photographer Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Houston Commercial Photographer Plum Tree Studios Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootHouston Portrait Photography1 Rockstar Feathers Photo ShootProduct Photography Austin Rockstart Fethers Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Head Shot Photographers Houston1 Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Head Shot Photographers Austin Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Austin Portrait Photography Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Rockstar Feathers Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Rockstar Feathers Photos2 Rockstar Feathers Photo Shoot

Thanks to everyone for a great shoot! From biting feathers to *fake* smoking…you guys were awesome!

“I’m not very photogenic.”

That’s the single most common thing people say to me. Ninety-nine point 99999999999999999% of the time (and I could keep going on the nines), this could not be further from the truth. In fact, I’ve yet to meet someone that is truly, one hundred percent non-photogenic. I actually think we humans must have made this up somewhere along the line – no other explanation makes sense.

But like an urban legend…the myth of the non-photogenic person persists.

It tickles me pink to hear someone say this. And it never, ever gets old. Because when I come back with photographic proof to the contrary, I can’t even begin to hide my Cheshire cat grin.

April, you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. I’m incredibly happy to revoke your self-given title of Miss. Non Photogenic! Furthermore, your new title needs to be Miss. Natural Super Model. ;)

Thank you for giving me this very happy opportunity to show you just how beautiful you are!

001 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session

002 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session

004 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session

003 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session005 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session006 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session007 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session008 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session009 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session010 April • Lifestyle/Boudoir Session

I had the great pleasure of meeting Angela at the beginning of this year. With her birthday on the horizon, Angela decided to embark on the unfamiliar journey of commissioning a personal photographer. Her birthday gift to herself (a concept I completely endorse, of course) would be a tailor-made set of photographs.

We should all give ourselves a b-day gift every year! In fact, I even wrap my own for the sake of thoroughness. But I digress.

To my great delight Angela found me with a search on Google and we soon sat down to chat about her photo session and learn more about each other. Her warm personality quickly captured my admiration and in this quiet and gentle person I saw a glimmer of excitement that immediately infected me as well. Oh, the possibilities!

When the day came we had our lifestyle session on location in Downtown Houston. Whatever nerves she had, she soon overcame and I witnessed something very special: I got to see the real Angela. No longer shy and quiet, she laughed freely at my dumb jokes, posed like a super model and just came out of her shell entirely.

Today, she sent me an amazing note of thanks. Her words touched my heart and continue to inspire me. Once again I am praising all of the goodness in the world for making our meeting possible – Google gods included ;). Angela, you are the one who deserves the thanks. You took a leap and you flew. I am honored to have been a part of this experience.

565987922 wAamH M Angela: Lifestyle Session

565988066 z4vtM L Angela: Lifestyle Session
565988074 qUdTJ XL Angela: Lifestyle Session
565987989 gyfJJ L Angela: Lifestyle Session
565988072 8RzXk L Angela: Lifestyle Session
565987903 DBuoe L Angela: Lifestyle Session
565987886 7jxzn M Angela: Lifestyle Session
life·style pho·tog·ra·phy noun.
Photography re-creating real life situations in a controlled setting. Lifestyle photography is one of the most popular and consistent types of photography in the market today. Lighting is generally bright, airy and quite natural looking. There are many commercial applications, including magazine editorial and advertising usage.

Here comes the disclaimer…I can only speak for myself. That out of the way, I believe there is a difference between a Portrait Photographer and a Lifestyle Photographer. I strive to be the latter…and then strive some more.

Now, I prefer the natural moments, which are referred to as Photojournalism. But I know that, on occasions, a beautiful and very real moment can be fostered (if not created). For me, a picture taken is like an unfinished canvas. Sometimes there are elements that would be left behind if said photograph weren’t carefully nudged in the right direction both before and after the shot is taken. And usually (with emphasis on the usually) a straight camera can only do so much in capturing the vision of my mind.
I am currently working on an edit for a couple of shoots I did while in Seattle and Vancouver, BC. To show you what I mean, here’s an example of a shot pretty much straight from the camera:

1013 A Look Behind My Lens
and then the finished product after that little, loving nudge previously mentioned:

1001 A Look Behind My Lens
***On a side note, this example can also serve to answer why it takes about 10 business days to get your finished photographs from me.

As with all art, it is all subjective. I can only tell you what it’s like for me. I can’t really give much insight on how it is for others because as artists we all see and produce in different ways. If there is one thing I know for sure is that I will never stop learning, and as the old adage goes, there’s more than one way to skin a…well, you know. There are no wrongs or rights – just a peek behind my particular lens. ;)

Lela was thinking to herself that it had been ten years since she had portraits taken.

Ten. Whole. Years.

A lot can happen in that kind of time. And it had. So Lela set on a quest to find a photographer to capture not just her portrait, but the new Lela that had blossomed throughout all of that time.

We met at my house on a lovely Saturday morning, just a few weeks ago. And we hit it off immediately. Her warm personality, the excitement that I saw brewing in her amazing blue eyes as we talked about the kind of photos she would like, her story, everything about her just left me feeling like we had a great connection. We exchanged a little background, and learned some fun stuff along the way. Like the fact that she’s the only woman in her workplace — and for that matter, the only one I know that works in the field for an oil and gas company. She’s even got the pink hard-hat to prove it! Though she forgot to bring it on the day of the shoot! —it was the missing accessory to the pink dress! ;)

Lela’s story is a little like that of a diamond. The last ten years for her, were about overcoming a rough stage of life. And she has emerged, just shining through with admirable glimmer and increased self-worth. I was so honored that she chose me to capture her beautiful spirit.

Here’s a sneak peak of our session. I had so much fun that one hour turned into three! To date, it has been one of my most favorite shoots…from the adventure in parallel parking her Tuareg, to the crazy questions from the nearby Gun Show visitors, to the fantastic time we spent chatting it up and exchanging childhood memories, I just had a blast!

And I have to say, that for somebody who hasn’t been in front of a camera for such a long time, you did great! Anytime you want to catch a concert, or share pointers on that awesome money tree, you just let me know!

8 Lela: Portrait Photography

7 Lela: Portrait Photography

6 Lela: Portrait Photography
5 Lela: Portrait Photography
4 Lela: Portrait Photography
3 Lela: Portrait Photography
2 Lela: Portrait Photography

Shine away Lela: SLIDESHOW

I’m inspired. I knew from the start that Carson Kressley’s new show was something special. Although, reality T.V. has never really been a very big interest of mine. For one thing, I barely have time to watch television and secondly…well, I’m pretty good at making my own daily drama. ;)

But “How to Look Good Naked” seems particularly great at staying above the usual, negative nuances of the typical reality show. True, there’s plenty of blubbering…and I’ve got my box of Kleenex ready to go as a standard necessity. I am a girl, after all.

What I love most about this show is that everyone is a winner. From the older, to the not so thin, to the “what the heck is she thinking—there’s nothing wrong with her”, every woman is beautiful. And that’s a reality.

As a woman, I completely understand how easy it is to focus on the negative and find a million things to fret over when it comes to our bodies. As a photographer and an artist, I can also see the beauty in a great many things. Being able to apply it to myself, though, is still quite challenging and I can’t help but wonder: would I get naked?

Ultimately………….I think so. I’d probably need my own Carson, though. Someone I’d trust to understand my hang ups and who is able to help me overcome the normal insecurity that comes from being that exposed. Clothes aren’t just a way to cover our naked bodies. Sometimes they’re also a shield for our psychological vulnerabilities. Realizing that is part of the responsibility of being a good photographer.

When I win this type of job, I feel honored. I say win because I realize that there are a slew of great photographers out there and this is a lot of trust to be given to anyone. I also feel elated because the prospect of helping someone discover just how special and unique they are is simply thrilling. And then, achieving it, seeing the joy in their eyes, and the belief that, yes “I am beautiful”, is life affirming. Few things in this world as validating.

Likewise, there are the women who truly own their beauty. They don’t need showing, they know. Not in the cocky, yeah – I’m all that – kind of way. They are the inspiring, “I could learn a thing or two from this girl”, type of person. This is a gift in itself.

I wish more women would open themselves up to this type of experience. And I can’t wait for season 2. Carson, you’re a genius!