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Devon and Brian had an awesome wedding at Ashelynn Manor this past fall. I’ve been back logged and got reminded of their amazing reception when their albums arrived a couple of days ago. A gorgeous calla lily accented bouquet, a dreamy sunset ceremony and, of course, a very fun and all-smiles Devon & Brian made for an incredible day. I am completely kicking myself for not shooting a couple of pix of these books. They turned out fabulous. The ever-so-stylish Devon picked a very cool metal cover for her finish that I really loved. Kick, kick, kick. (that’s me kicking myself).

You may remember Devon and Brian from a very fun session we had for their engagement photos. They were so much fun to work with…and the wedding was an even greater blast! But don’t take my word for it…check out a few of my favorite shots or peruse a little longer with the slide show that follows.

Guys, I hope you keep in touch. I loved working with you!

0022 Devon & Brian • Magnolia Wedding (Ashelynn Manor)

001 Devon & Brian • Magnolia Wedding (Ashelynn Manor)

003 Devon & Brian • Magnolia Wedding (Ashelynn Manor)

006 Devon & Brian • Magnolia Wedding (Ashelynn Manor)

004 Devon & Brian • Magnolia Wedding (Ashelynn Manor)

005 Devon & Brian • Magnolia Wedding (Ashelynn Manor)

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I’d never shot a Vietnamese wedding before…and boy! It was such an amazing event! Traci & Denton said their vows in front of friends and family at Christ Incarnate Word Catholic Church and followed that with a master blow-out reception held by Kim Son at the Fountains.

So…what sets apart a Vietnamese wedding, you ask? Well, for starters everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, gets a chance to christen the couples brand-spankin’ new union with some sort of special ritual that in all likelihood involves a) an alcoholic beverage, and b) a special trick. This “induction” into marriage, if you will, had Traci and Denton doing everything from cherry kiss acrobatics, to having the bride juggle a raw egg from one pant leg to the other while the groom was still wearing said pants.

One of my favorite shots shown below, pictures Traci handing the egg back to its owner just after completing the amazing feat. Her expression makes me giggle in earnest. Incredibly, this little number brings new meaning to the phrase “egg on your face”, though miraculously there was no such spillage at this wedding. Kudos to Traci for “not cracking under pressure.” ;o)

But enough of my silly egg jokes! Aside from being a gorgeous event, I loved this wedding for its wonderful sense of family. It is so heartwarming and uplifting to see families come together so seamlessly in a celebration such as this. A great time was had by all and it was most definitely a beautiful and festive occasion to remember. I felt honored to help capture it.

I had a blast working with you guys!

01 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

03 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

02 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

12 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

05 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

11 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

04 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

08 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

07 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

091 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

10 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

13 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

14 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

15 Traci & Denton: Houston Wedding (Kim Son @ The Fountains)

Kudos to the following vendors who shared their talets for this event:

Tiff & Matt had a gorgeous sunset wedding at the Hidden Palms in Santa Fe, TX. Here’s a sneak peek at some of my faves!

Tiff+10 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek

Tiff+20 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
Tiff+25 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
Tiff+30 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
Tiff+50 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
The award for most lively person I’ve ever met goes to Molly, Tiff’s sorority sister. I wish I could bring her with me to every wedding. She’s a total hoot!
Tiff+60 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
A really great mother-daughter moment. Tiff surprised her mom and it got a little emotional. :)
Tiff+70 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
Here’s Tiff giving me the “do I really look gorgeous?” look. Yep, you do. ;)
Tiff+80 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
These are the fairy princesses of the wedding!
Tiff+90 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
Absolute favorite quote EVER: “I love these shoes so much, I’m going to wear them to my own wedding!!” - Spoken like a true flower girl-bride in the making!
Tiff+100 Tiff & Matt: Wedding Sneak Peek
More to come soon!

I can’t help but feel a little giddy when I think of Aimee & Gene. To explain, I need to elaborate on one of my recent addictions. I’ve picked up a few lately, and one of the worst is the TV show Heroes.

It actually started very innocently. I gave Blake a subscription to Netflix last Christmas and we both saw that not only can you order DVDs through the mail, but they have this nifty little system that streams movies and TV shows straight to your computer. I’d heard a lot about Heroes, but for some reason or other never got a chance to watch. Blake and I decided to give the online service a shot with the first season of the series and have not been able to stop watching the show since. It is truly one of the most clever, fun, and suspenseful shows on the tube – or in this case on the laptop. ;)

My favorite character is Hiro Nakamora – a time traveler that is just…well, cooler than cool. I love, LoVe, LUV Hiro. Long story short, Gene – Amy’s now husband, reminds me so much of my favorite character that I can’t help but feel a Cheshire grin come upon my face when I think of him. Probably to Gene’s dismay, I was on the verge of practically asking for an autograph all through the wedding. I could hardly help myself. By the grace of all things good, somehow I restrained.

Both Amy and Gene are two of the sweetest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. It didn’t hurt that they fueled my adoration by selecting one of my all time favorite The Cure songs (Just Like Heaven) to open up the party. It just so happens that I’ve bordered on fanatic for anything The Cure since I was 16. As if this wasn’t enough, Amy sent me a link to the online comic for Heroes recently. What is an addict to do?!?

But enough about my idiosyncrasies. Here are some of my favorite shots from their day. I love you guys!!

CEREMONY: St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church
RECEPTION: Holiday Inn Reliant Park

014 Aimee & Gene: Wedding

019 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
047 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
083 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
115 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
130 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
346 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
455 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
460 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
489 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
633 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
634 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
635 Aimee & Gene: Wedding
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I love mail. It’s like getting an unexpected present. And I’m a sucker for presents. ;)
This is one of the many reasons that I love Christmas so much — for all the cards I get. But now that we’ve made a big push to go green I don’t get mail all that much. Before, I could count on the bills being in the box for sure. But now, it’s just a few local ads for the most part.

One of my very best friends from childhood lives in Chile. I remember regularly getting letters encased in hand-made envelopes. The best ones were made of cool magazine ads. My friend and I would pick out pages from old magazines and make our own envelopes, matching the paper colors to our finds. It was cool to see the different styles of images accompanied by articles written in a foreign language. Writing a letter was an art form in itself and getting a letter was a treat that would make my entire day. I remember getting home from a long day at school and rushing to the post box to check for the occasional surprise.

With email so readily available, it’s easy to make this form of communication more prevalent than sending post. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love computers and technology. In fact, I’ve said countless times that I can’t live without some sort of gadget strapped to my side. But I sure do miss the days of pretty letters in the post box!

I don’t think I’ll ever get over my fetish of pens and pretty papers, custom stationery, and envelope seals. I have more journals, cards, pens, stickers, and papers than I will ever need, but you won’t find me passing any up if I see something at the store! That’s how special this stuff is to me.

So I love getting letters. And among my favorite are the thank you notes. I got this one from Candice, a recent bride. Stuck in between the pages of coupons from Papa John’s Pizza was this little jewel!
Thank+You+Note Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography

Candice and Adam got married in Cyperss, Texas at the Northwest Forest Conference Center. Their ceremony was at dusk, which made for amazing lighting. Below are a few of my favorite shots from the wedding day.

C%26A+Wedding+1 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography

C%26A+Wedding+2 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
C%26A+Wedding+3 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
C%26A+Wedding+4 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
C%26A+Wedding+5 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography

C%26A+Wedding+6 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
C%26A+Wedding+7 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
C%26A+Wedding+8 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
C%26A+Wedding+9 Candice & Adam   Wedding Photography
Thank you Candice and Adam for selecting Plum Tree Studios for your wedding photography! I loved working with you and wish you all the best!

Sonja and Brian were married on September 27th on a what had to be one of the most gorgeous early fall days I’ve ever experienced. The setting was Downtown Houston at the lovely Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral followed by the Crown Plaza Hotel. Friends and family gathered to witness their lifetime promise of love and rejoice with a shin-dig to rival all others. Even the Houston Firefighters showed up!

Tears and laughter filled the room at every moment. It was such a memorable time. I am so honored to have been a part of your day. Thank you for sharing that gift with me. May your lives be blessed with all of the bounties of the universe!

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Pam and Andrew tied the knot on July 12th on a gorgeous, Houston summer day. Surrounded by their close family and friends they celebrated with an intimate reception following their ceremony at the beautiful Tallowood Baptist Church. Here are a few of my favorite images.

0+150 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography
0+155 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography 0+169 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography
0+159 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography

0+172 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography 0+323 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography
0+358 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography0+383 Pam & Andrew: Wedding Photography

Thanks for letting me be a part of it all!

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l 92d1786827030b2c2b440e17d9469742 Weddings Make My World Go Round

While it’s true that I have a passion for the arts, and more specifically photography, the best part of this business for me is getting to share in the joys of people’s lives. Every moment of life is so precious and making art out life itself is a grand thing.

I love all photography projects, whether they be events, portraits, or anything else. But my favorite kind of assignments are weddings. A few months back I shot one of the most memorable weddings of quite possibly my entire career. . . and that’s saying something seeing as Plum Tree is just a sapling.
Josie and Justin are just the epitome of true love. You know that love you see in the movies? The kind that takes your breath away and makes your heart skip a beat? That’s the love that Josie and Justin have. Undeniably.
To witness that, share in and capture that is one of the best gifts in the world. . . and why I love what I do. I see life as a series of miracles. . . the grandest and (often more so) simplest moments that give our existence meaning. Love is the grandest miracle of them all . . . photographing it is a privilege and a joy unlike any other.
I thank Josie and Justin (who are now expecting their first child) and all of the couples who entrust me with these most precious events in their lives. There are no words to express how wonderful it is to be able to do what I do. I am so very fortunate.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. May your lives and love be eternally blessed.
A HEARTFELT THANK YOU for Justin as well for serving our country. We wish you a safe return home!