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Ok, I’m definitely biased. But few people have enriched my life lately in the way some of these folks have. If you don’t know him already, Chris Gillebeau is the guy that keeps the blogosphere buzzing with thoughts and projects for the “nonconformist.” Sounds scary? Dreaming big often is. But Chris has this particularly special way of bringing out the courage in me – and many other people. My personal Wizard of Oz? Maybe. You should check him out here.

Last Saturday I was privy to a special Meetup (hosted by Chris) where I embarrassed the heck outta myself! It was one of those moments when you’re standing next to someone so awesome…and then…you stick your foot in your mouth in a colossal manner. Yah, I did that. Adam Baker ever-so-graciously let me off the hook when I said…”hmm, I think I’ve heard of your blog.” Then I got his card and, Whoa Nelly! The light bulb clicked on. This is the guy that keeps the blogosphere buzzing about how to (À la Mahatma Ghandi) completely free oneself  from the self-inflicted prison called Debt, and then go trotting around the globe…with a newborn baby. Well, ok. There’s more to it than that. But talk about courage. This guy’s face should be in dictionary under that same word. You should definitely check him out here.

There were such lovely people at this Meetup. Kendra, Jay, Nathalie and Ray. The other Natalie, Vic…just a bunch of great, great folks. My first ever SXSW is one I won’t soon forget. A great BIG thanks to my good friend for letting me stay at Chez Lela and making this trip even more funtastic.  Good luck to everyone on chasing and catching those dreams!